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Amy Blanding


“Amy Blanding sings with conviction and soul.

She delivers songs that tell stories that remind us of what is good.” –Kym Gouchie

Known for her powerful voice and profound stage presence, Amy Blanding collects moments in the Northern wild and turns them into stalwart folk songs with a raw edge. Born in Colorado and raised in PEI, she took the long way home to Prince George, BC, where she finds great inspiration in the mountains and rivers of the traditional and unceded territory of the Lheidli T’enneh. Cutting her teeth with nationally-recognized folk rock band Black Spruce Bog, Amy Blanding’s music is the culmination of an outdoor life, led heart-first.

After co-founding Black Spruce Bog, recording two full-length albums with the band, and touring extensively, Blanding had laid a solid platform from which to launch her solo career. Signed to Good Egg Records in 2018, Blanding released her debut solo album "Down the Line" to resounding reception in September 2019. The track "Rise and Agitate" and companion music video from that album have become a beacon for female protest and empowerment.

“Down the Line” features an ambitious neo-folk/country production. It is a move that is equally independent and collaborative, as the endeavour involves a performing and production team of almost a dozen personnel, not counting an accapella choir featuring dozens of women. A thematic work centered around women, wild spaces, and more than a little bit of retribution, it continues the sonic and lyrical trajectory started by Black Spruce Bog, while sincerely sharing the narratives of people and places that have affected Amy personally. Seemingly, the greatest theme of all is respecting the humanity in the listener and the artist, a feat that is as inseparable from Amy as her music.” Thimbleberry magazine, July 2019

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